Cavallino Treporti

Land, fresh water and salt water, three elements that, while clashing, make up a territory with history and unique characteristics in Italy, the Northern Coast of the Venice Lagoon. The unique beauty of the landscape of the North Coast of Venice is undeniable

A protected and preserved territory, characterized by the unraveling of velme and salt marshes, fishing valleys and vegetable gardens, historic villages, military architecture, lighthouses and docks, the sandy beach, the extensive pine forest and the mouth of the Sile, where it is located Lio Piccolo , the great protected nature reserve in Venice.
Blue Flag for sea and beaches from 2006 to today
Since 2006 Cavallino Treporti and its seaside resorts have been awarded the Blue Flag, an important environmental recognition, which certifies an excellent level of sea bathing and beach cleansing. “Cavallino Treporti, a natural park suspended between the sea and the lagoon a stone’s throw from Venice.” Wild orchids sprouting here and there and flamingos like pink clouds on a grassy sky, shining pools of water, curious and ancient looking aquatic animals seals that smell of other times, for a unique quiet in its kind.
A natural setting, that of Cavallino Treporti, which stretches from Venice and embraces the entire North Coast up to Jesolo, of spectacular beauty and character. The peculiarities of the vegetation and the fauna of this territory with a thousand faces, suspended between fresh and salt water, are many. Starting from the preserved landscape of the Protected Lio Piccolo Park

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